Jam Factory

The Jam Factory was indeed where they once made Jam. It is now Gail's studio. The ethos at The Factory is very much to do with encouraging the energy that results from working alongside others, in all manners and materials!


Holding the belief that should there be the impulse to create artwork, there is nothing to stand in the way. Having developed processes over many years to combat the antidote to creativity...qualitive judgement...these dynamic experimental workshops disengage the participant from any inhibiting lack of confidence and allow each person's unique talent to find its true 'voice'. Contrary to there being 'a way' to draw etc, it is possible to realise that creativity arises out of 'exposing' the infinite possibilities via non-prescriptive methods.

Situated atop a picturesque valley near Lyme Regis, The Jam Factory is a unique artist run warehouse, established as a space for the development and presentation of multidisciplinary art projects and events.

Gail runs her workshops within this exciting space.
Within each class, different routes are explored towards producing abstract pieces of work.
A part of the day can involve outdoor 'research' along the beach or near the Cobb.
Attendance can be for 1 or several workshops.
Wednesdays are usually popular, but there can be an alternative.

Price is £75 per day.
Materials are provided!
Packed lunch needed.
Warm waterproof clothing advisable.
Inspiration guaranteed!

Gail Sagman attended the Fine Art department of St Martins Art School in the late 70's.She has been practicing full time ever since. Working with others on many national and international creative projects and workshops has been a continuous feature throughout the years, offering welcome respite to the otherwise solitary nature of her work.

For example...

1st Wednesday; An abstract still life from vastly varied materials is constructed within The Factory. Initially referencing the construction, drawings are made using interesting implements onto diverse surfaces. Thereafter these surfaces can be embellished with a wide array of interesting collaging materials and images.

2nd Wednesday; A trip along the beach from Lyme Regis towards Charmouth reveals an enormous landfill that became exposed when the cliff collapsed. The treasures to be found appear to date from the 1940's[?]. Having selected from these weathered metal pieces, we return to the studio to create unusual and individual 'still lives'. A further exploration of the drawing and collaging process mentioned above completes the day.

3rd Wednesday; Along the pier opposite The Cobb in Lyme Regis are huge stone slabs with individual characteristics. Each artist selects a favourite stone surface and rubbings on paper are produced. Back in The Jam Factory, the rubbings start their evolution towards unique works using all possible varieties of technique.

4th Wednesday; This day is specially, but not exclusively, for those who have attended any or all of the previous Wednesday classes. This is a chance to create a final piece[s] of work prompted by each attendee's previous workshop experience, but not in any way restricted or shaped by given guidelines. Here is an opportunity for the artist to forge his or her creations to reveal their latent ability. This stage never fails to delight and surprise!

CONTACT: [email protected]
Tel.07960 019180


In recent years, my teaching practice has taken on more of the form of a workshop. The emphasis is placed on processes, which in my mind help to facilitate ways of enabling participants to forget about qualifiedly judging themselves. The means employed were devised over time, and are used to demonstrate the fact that if we have the impulse towards creating something, then it is that impulse itself which is the source of invention, and what more it is always unique.

Generally, I work with adults, although occasionally with 6th formers. More often than not, the students end the course, surprised at the extent of their output. Rather than this being due to the teaching, my feeling is that when education allows for the possibility of interaction and team support/spirit, the resulting energy is there to be fed off.

Whilst living abroad, classes included the mentally impaired and blind people. For the future, my hope is to work with a group of 'facilitators' in a mix of practices, (performance, music, film, photography etc) whereby pupils can expect guidance in all areas, without having to perceive the art forms as being totally distinct from each other.