Residency at ZNAK


Gail was given as a workspace , the hugely atmospheric building in Letná, Prague, which, since its change of use 2 years ago , has retained its original architecture.
Within the Factory, there still could be found, a host of medals, logo and medal boxes, which immediately  inspired Gail to utilise these elements as starting points for a new series of art works.
All pieces were made in response to the space and it’s contents,  ‘fitting ’ within the fabric of the walls,  ceilings  and floors.
The huge cast Iron press which remains in position, came to represent, human resilience , whilst a fabricated sculpture above it, symbolised the equal frailty of life.
The works were made to honour the buildings past alongside other literal and abstract homages.

Others were invited to join the show, by creating suitcase works to honour a subject of their choice.
Within the 55x45x35 cm stipulated dimensions, 9 Czech artists, Jana Zemlickova , Martin Janicek, Marketa Cerna, Magdalena Herelová ,Petr Pistek, Alla Belda, Martin Zet , Helena Giras and Jan Pecnik, made works in differing mediums, including an invented musical instrument. The contents were exhibited in Znak, whilst 2 British artists, Fiona Moir and Georgia Collins,  performed ‘from’ their suitcases.