SCDC and Chamber Cases


July 2016. Prague ‘Suit Cases of Dis Content’ ( SCDC) and ‘Chamber Cases’

16 participants of Suit Cases of Dis Content left England for Prague.
Armed with their Suit Cases they arrived in Linhart Foundations ‘ venue ‘NOD’.
Together with an equal amount of Czech artists, an exhibition was constructed over the course of a few days.
The situation facilitated;
Work with travel
Meeting others
Giving a ‘voice’

Eight of those from Britain performed an adaptation of the play, ‘Chamber Music’ by Arthur Kopit,
The  ‘Sinistra’ theatre company is based in South West England and directed by Gail Sagman from Stray Dog Productions at The Jam Factory on the Dorset/ Devon border.
The new staging had been designed to be performed in non- English speaking countries and to become part of a travelling exhibition entitled ‘ SCDC’

‘Extending from the absurdist genre to experimental characterisation, ‘Chamber Cases’ unfolds as a group of ‘live sculptures’ morphs into a high energy escapade amongst the audience to a chilling and thrilling crescendo on stage.
This is a set, alongside which, personal narratives can thrive and fundamental questions are perceived. Above all, for the viewers the experience is uplifting.’




Luna Isis
Andreas Gold
Justa Human
Petr Kralik
Filip Fidla Martinek
Martin Mainer
Jan Peknik Kozak
Petr Pisarik
Otto Placht
Joska Skalnik
Margita Titlova
Petr Vanacek
Martin Zet
Tomas Zizka


Indigo Bailey
Salud Botella
Jimmy Cautie
Allanah Currie
Barbara Darnley
Ingrid Hull
Kathy Kelly
Katia Marsh
Fiona Moir
Sahnet Perez-Stubbs
Stephanie Rogers
Gail Sagman
Roma Van Antwerpen
Julie Wood
Anna Zee


Prague Flyer A5 Final A-W