'Now' Kochi, India

Residency at 'Rossitta Wood Castle'

From 15th January to late February 2019, Gail Sagman and Helena Giras were offered a beautiful work space in Fort Kochi during the art Biennale. The ensuing exhibition was named ‘NOW’ as the two artists had decided to make work in response to present day Kochi, the place and its rich cultural mix. Gails’ 2D work being abstract and processed based, utilised the great variety of interesting surfaces in the local streets, to create compositions composed from ‘frottage.”  Six sacks previously used to contain spices were folded into flat shaped forms supporting found objects,  coloured fabrics and collaged photos. The latter,  in part illustrating the profoundly secular ( in the true sense of, all accepting) approach, gratifyingly prevalent i 6 works that Gail made on the lead up to the show, with the combination clearly exhibiting how Gails strong response to place influences her decision making and its results. Helena, a ceramicist, created a 4 foot bottle from unfired clay, into which several plastic bottles were combined, with an interior light. This sculpture was based on the premise that the clay could be recycled in 3 hours, whilst the bottles would take 1000 years. Another group, comprised of 7 slab built cubist pots, each supporting a Malayalam letter, in total, spelling ‘Redesign’, taken from the ‘mantra’ of 6 R’s, Reuse, Remake, Recycle, Restore , Reshape and Redesign. Giras, also created chandeliers utilising plastic bottles in this area of Kerala.