Take Stock

Jam Factory, Dorset

In my studio, The Jam Factory, I decided that it was time to take stock. The process involved exposing 35 years of paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures, installations, travel and theatre pieces.

The initial prompt had been simply the desire to make the works available for people to take the stock away, should they wish. It transpired that a more pressing need was to assess the exploration of a subject that throughout the years, I had at times perceived at best, as strange in its compunction, at worst, obsessive.

The result was a large exhibition of art works in all sizes, materials and forms, creating a labyrinth that was hopefully not difficult to navigate. An insight into my particular journey through the rather dry topic, of the language of painting etc.’ provided the thread and the subject matter of ‘A Talk’.

Amongst the rectangular and shaped hanging pieces, works on the floor and ceiling were a series of 57 books. Each one of these was comprised of 4 to 48 pages (each page, a painted canvas). The book titles referred to elements of examination within the work practice. The pages were sold separately, in order for people to compile their ‘own book’.