‘Homage…19+ 1’

Jam Factory, Dorset

The indebtedness to the ‘19’ comes from the fact that at a certain point over the last 35 years, each of those artists in turn have offered me a ‘new freedom’, in terms of what could constitute a painting None of the constructions have a starting point with a specific homage in mind. At varying given moments I became aware of the presence of one of these inspirational artists however obliquely, sometimes more evidently than others. That awareness was prompted by painterly concerns with which I was working and which then I could equate with one of these 19, explorations into the ‘language of painting’.

Of course the work within this exhibition is obviously not just the sum of influences, hence the ‘+ 1’.  But, not withstanding many others, these 19 are the ones who constantly give me that deep sense of a homecoming. For someone who hopes for an absence of sentiment in art, I can allow myself a small amount of gratitude towards some of those practitioners without whom my life would lack a whole dimension.


Artwork Sizes

1 – 22) (19+1 works) are 2 to 3 metres high.
23-26) c.60cm.