Project 88


365 G’s ’88’

A trip for Eighty eight days….beginning 11/12/14

As an exercise in bringing the awareness in full to each day, no matter where I found myself, I devised a process which involved several elements.

By noon every day, I selected through various means, a ‘word’ for the day.
At times the word reflected perhaps an aspect (history/ geography/ society) of the place that I was visiting, or from something I had read.
After some time, the word generally arose from some need to concentrate on something of an abstract nature.
Once the word ‘happened’, it would feel that it could only be that particular one.
I would then relate that word to 7 different ‘subjects’ throughout the day.(the day is then observed through that word on 7 counts)
1) something learnt or witnessed.
2) someone encountered where there was even a momentary connection.
3) something absurd or humorous
4) some synchronicity
5) an object
6) a sound / music/ smell/ taste. Intrinsic to the place
7) impulse…by way of creating a post card sized collage.


The results, I attempted to collate into a sentence a day, accompanying the image.
The hope being that the resulting sentence would somehow portray an overall ‘flavour’ of the day.
The process itself did contribute greatly to increase how vivid the day felt in the present and how powerfully it remained in the memory.
It served to bring a greater appreciation of the surroundings and involvement in them.


The work divided into 2 lots of 44. The first resulted in an exhibition in Melbourne showing the 44 days that had been spent in the U.S., Cook Islands and Australia.
The 2nd half took place in India and included work by 15 locals.