SCDC in the Jungle


October 2016 Calais ‘Jungle’

‘Know Hope’

The works presented in this Exhibition were created by Refugees living in ‘The Jungle’ in Calais.

Gail Sagman and Eva Fahle-Clouts from ‘Stray Dog Productions’ spent 10 days in the camp in October 2016.

In an empty wooden hut, they set up the first Jungle Gallery.

During this time many people partook of the specific process suggested to create these paintings. Powder paint and Henna sticks on material formed the basis of the method.

This had  previously been utilised by Gail in India, with the discovery that so many adults wished to partake in the process, merely for the joy of using materials to express themselves.

Eva  documented the works being produced and the photos clearly show the extent of the extraordinary enthusiasm and good will that existed there.

Thus the title of the show, ‘Know Hope’.

The 70 works will be contained in Gail’s ‘Suit Case of Dis Content’ which will form part of the international touring SCDC exhibition whilst the photos of the week at The Stray Dog Jungle Gallery will form Eva’s SCDC.