40With a vertical composition in mind, string was glued to the surface of one side of the canvas, to delineate an initial structure.
The same surface was then ‘textured’ by differing white markings.
An ‘echo’ of the initial side was created on the reverse, with the string lines picked out in the white texturing, individualising each of the 13.

Over time, 13 people chose their preferred canvas.
They were given tubes of black henna, to draw/paint into the prepared reverse side.
Utilising a good amount of water, their drawing ‘bled’ through, in varying degrees to the string side.
Gail then responded to the latter, integrating  the random result into a finished painting, without affecting the other persons composition.
These works will be hung in an 8 metre (+) circle, providing  a stage set.

1.Tameer.           Palestine
2.Reda.               Syria
3.Pandora.          Greece
4.Marica.             Croatia
5.Adrian.              Armenia/Scotland
6.Chokri.            Tunisia
7.Sevastiana.      Greece
8.Joric.                Holland
9.Nakam.             Kurdistan
10.X5                   Athens art school
11.BarbarA.         Sardinia
12.Sahnet.           Cuba/England
13.Allanah.           New Zealand

Images a. participant creating their painting
Images b. participants completed canvas
Images c. Gails’ completed reverse side canvas