SCDC with Refugees


May 2017 Stray Dog in Athens

12, 3×2 metre canvas hangings from ‘Bakers Dozen’ were selected
On each surface ( both sides) a 2D structure was delineated with string
The surface area was then unified on each canvas, by white emulsion mark-making, with a character personal to each work.
These were then transported to Athens.
There, refugees in the city’s several squats were invited to choose which hanging they would like to draw on with henna ( in cones) .
They were also offered in English and Arabic a text containing a list of the 12 Olympian immortals and their attributes, from which to select the one that was closest to their heart.
The first three people that were enthusiastic to draw/ paint were so enamoured with the process, that the project evolved into finding many bed sheets on which the 3 could continue to make many large hangings.
The works were shown in the garden of The Steki Cultural Centre, a base for learning and activities for refugees in Exarchia, Athens.
As a result, the process used,  will be continued by the artists and whoever else they recruit.
Meanwhile, a Palestinian American was so impresssed with the works, that he is setting up a website to promote it.

Further participants are being sought for ‘Bakers Dozen’.
Once the henna work is complete on one side of the hangings, I will rework the reverse side, in relation to what has ‘leaked’ through.
The 13th will only  be worked on by me and will be independent of the Olympian subject matter, being beyond representation or meaning.
The final works will hang in an eight metre wide circle, within which a performance will take place.

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