Bakers Dozen

1/2/3 These paintings measuring c. 275 x 183 cm and were completed over the period, 1980-2018

4/5/6/7/8 The 5 canvas hangings (275 x183cm) form the initial part of a group of works named ‘Bakers Dozen’ 

9/10 two canvases completed over several years, with a height of c. 130 cm and in a variety of medium.

On one prepared surface, others in Athens select one of the 12 Olympian gods or indeed someone/ something they wish to honour.
With ‘paint’ from henna cones, they produce an image on the damp surface.
On the other side of the hanging, Gail then integrates the  ‘bleedthrough’ of henna pigment into the prepared surface by additional mark making.
Once the 13 works are complete, they will hang in an 8 metre diameter circle, to create a stage set for the ‘SuitCase’ project.